Coordinate Drivers, Maintain Equipment and Drive Operational Efficiency

  • Source qualified drivers and confirm current licenses and documentation
  • See live updates of driver service hours, location and registration expiration
  • Organize equipment maintenance, inspections, compliance, and repairs
  • Drive operational efficiency by saving time and making informed choices
  • Create and coordinate a seamless end-to-end workflow for your fleet
  • Ensure effective cost management from POs through to servicing and repair

Primary Functions

Manage Drivers

  • Comprehensive driver dashboard
  • Qualification and training certificates
  • View ELD, HOS and DSMS compliance
  • Integrated event-driven architecture
  • Automated exception management

Drive Operationational Efficiency

  • Individual load planning and fleet dispatch

  • Trailer pool and freight management

  • Adaptable for different asset models

  • Entire Landshark TMS capacity

  • Process-driven application

Coordinate Equipment

  • Full fleet equipment inventory
  • Telematic diagnostics and tracking systems
  • Facilitate cross-carrier equipment sharing
  • Cost management from PO to servicing
  • Event-driven processing
  • Automated exception management

Streamline Fleet Management

  • Plan and coordinate driver schedules
  • Manage and review domiciles
  • Integrated for private fleets and common carriers
  • Execute driver load planning

Seamlessly Integrated Fleet and Freight Management

Landshark Fleet is a comprehensive trucking logistics management tool. Boost operational efficiency with one platform that allows you to coordinate drivers, equipment, and daily fleet management simultaneously. Landshark Fleet allows for the seamless integration of freight and fleet, avoiding data duplication and making all information readily available. Automated exception management for drivers and equipment allows you to note key information about accidents, citations, and registration expirations in one place. Ensure a fully optimized and functioning fleet with integrated telematic tracking diagnostics and comprehensive cost management.